Never Doubt Anyone

Sun, 03/16/2014 - 20:42 -- mbre13

"You betta pick something betta to do with your life,"

they say. 

"Girl, you'll be lucky to go far in life with that dream,"

they say.

People whisper here and there. 

Mumbles erupet from people mouths' that 

have not went no further in life than a high school diploma or better yet,

a G.E.D

But one thing that you always have to remind yourself is, " Your not that person."

So girl, that dream you have working in Michael Kors office, do not loose it. 

That dream you have being an editor for Vouge, do not loose it. 

That dream you have simply being a publicist, DO. NOT. LOOSE. IT. 

Because as soon as you let that dream go, it seems like you have let the Devil conquer your mind

and devour it.   

Your more than that. 

Your more than the negative words, that people state about you. 

Your more than the nasty, unpleastant looks, people give you. 

Your more than anything that is of this world. 

Your a child of the King, 

and simply being that, you have the ability and power to become something great. 

NOT just to show the people up that doubted you, 

but to make your passion, your dream job. 



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