Never A Chance

Teenagers hearts can shatter too,

The day the words rung upon my ears, "he quit and he's going home," I was shattered,

Rushing home to send a message, as I hope it's a joke I got the feeling in my chest that it's no joke,

As I got the answer I knew I was going to get, our hearts shattered together for they united as one when he healed me,

Bringing my weakness to the eyes of people, I cried and I hated it,

But if you really love someone, the only hope you shall have for them is to be happy and seek what they always wanted to do, and find themselves,

In that case that's what I wanted for him is to seek all the happiness possible that this life has to offer,

The mind in which thinks more to break you I seek to think of the what ifs?

Though I was really happy for him deep in my heart, for now all the unneccessary stress in his life won't occur; or at least not in this form,

I wanted to hug him so tight and keep him in my arms, for I swear he don't know how long I have been waiting for a person like him to come in my life,

As for the first time he promised to come over before he left, and I looked forward to that day,

As I thought the few days before he arrived, am I feeling too hard? Did I take this too far? 

Oh did I take this too far? Did I drown in an imaginary love that my heart and soul won't recover from?

But God answered my questions when I recieved the text I been waiting for an enternity for,

He ensured me of his exact feelings, and for once since I known him I knew for sure I felt the love and it wasn't imaginary because he ensured me of his intentions and the love he held for me,

It made me so depressed; yet feel so whole to hear what he said which was,

"You mean a lot to me you guys, and I don't know how I am going to explain my feelings and love for you."

As I say, love can heal and shatter you at the same time but how you can tell it's real is when it starts to shatter you the love comes in as a shield that completely holds you together, this love of his healed me from past hurts and as it began to shattered and swept in closer and held me together, his love is true without a doubt,

A message that held me together more and made me keep going with the love he gave me locked me in my heart included;

"You're so sweet and lovely, an angel. I wish you all the best sunshine, does not matter if I'm going to be in the future or not, the matter of this all is that 

I am going to see you having happiness and smiles in your life and see that you are something big, that is why I want you to promise me that you will

never ever get around bad people and or be one, make your family proud of you, and whoever loves you too."

There wasn't a chance for there to be an us, but we both fell pretty damn hard for each other, my heart ached for him; as his heart ached for me,

A connection I don't think can be felt by any other I felt with him; and I never wanted him to go... it hurt but I wanted him to be so happy; so I let him 

go on his journey to find it,

As the saying goes, if it's meant to be it will be,

As his home was Jordan, that was his destination; he was going so far but as the day he came he promised to keep in touch with me, and to this day I still feel a connection for him and I,

He wanted to make me happy before he left, he wanted to give me the world,

It shattered him that his leaving was shattering me, but we was being strong for each other,

As he came the next day he played a beautiful song of, "My Baby You," which created the echoes of, "Will I ever see you again after you leave?"

My heart was filling with his memory, and as he gave me my own speaker, his sunglasses, a tv, and his netflix account,

His presence echoed through my room after he left,

We never had a chance but we strongly loved each other,

Teenagers hearts can shatter too,

Love knows no age, but society does;

6,269 miles oh you are from me, we never had a chance,

But our love stretches across that whole damn ocean, because as age is just a number; distance is just a number too,

When will society give us our chance?

For love is infinite,

If it's meant to be it will be,

Oh we never got the chance


This poem is about: 
Our world


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