'fear' 'love' 'heartbreak' heartache

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I want to love you freely  To kiss you carelessly   Yet always rejected and ignored  But it makes me want you even more  To fill the empty void 
Dear most loved lover,  I sat here ... and thought of you.  I felt something everytime you spoke, everytime you breathed.  I want to say it was fear because then I would have a reason to leave you,  -to protect me-
Because I love you I said I’d changeand I did, but only for a while Because I love you I poured all of me into you so that we’d become oneconnected by the hips, hands always intertwined, lips always locked, and paths always crossedBecause I love y
Teenagers hearts can shatter too, The day the words rung upon my ears, "he quit and he's going home," I was shattered, Rushing home to send a message, as I hope it's a joke I got the feeling in my chest that it's no joke,
As tears flow away, My heart begins to pay, One moment, having no say,Getting caught in that everlasting gray as I lay beneath my mental fray,No way shall things make my day causing this heart decay,
Love is just a word until meaning and feelings are brought along with it It’s just a feeling that describes the joy that fills you body However love has a story
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