Never will I forget the heavy chain of scatterbrained problems that emitted from a simple choice.

Never will I forget the years I wasted being used as a doormat for others to walk on, believing I was helping them, to my utter dismay.

Never will I forget the absurdity of saying nothing in the face of danger and ridicule.

Never will I forget my times of despair when I stupidly let myself drown in the depths of worthless nonsense and drama that twisted me inside out and made my life miserable.


Never will I forget when I finally decided to bring the hammer down.


Never will I forget when I faced my fear with an awareness full of energy and backbone I never knew I possessed.

Never will I forget the first feeling of euphoric alleviation that slapped the whimpering coward in me forever away.

Never will I forget this feeling that liberated me into a new perspective of strength and freedom - eternally lighting the inner fire within me.

Never will I forget when it clicked inside me and shouted, "Enough is Enough."



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