Negotiation & Sacrifice


Enter head on, in your binding.
So called companionship, misinterprets
For; contract.
For it will be a "duty" and "privilege".
Offered surname, roof, and unit to praise and honor of your husband.
To unadvisedly and lightly 
join in marriage, is encouraged by whom you'll join with.
Expect to be no more than an extension to the man.
No books will be offered to our kind.
Instead participation solely to 
attend church and mend his home.
Hell crave purity, piety, and obedience.
Exposures creating an misleading image.
to shape your womanhood.
A right given away, soon in bondage.
Your vulnerability will be tested and tamed.
Promised writings on walls, that aren't of your own.
By word of mouth, trust is a force.
Under protection and authority of his name.
You'll be worthy of his ability to defend,
Soon dependance will steal your skilled practices;
One as natural as the twist in your wrist
The tongue your mothers shared with you in the young.
Through contact only he may advise you.
Ensuring the day he's over thrown is never to come.
To have and to hold forward his wife.
Subordinate victim.
Words are contagious like wildfire.
Give in only to your own negative thoughts.
What you receive will never be all there is. 
Let wave consume you, and may your spirit be intact.


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