Nautical Nightmare


I dreamt I was drowning in the raging sea

Cold iron was harshly pulling me

Down to the depths as I choked on fire

And as my flailing arms dared tire

I awoke in the real world conscious of pain

And found that my lungs caged true flame

Breaths came in gasps when they came at all

When the doctor saw me I can hardly recall

The oxygen mask was slipped over my face

A silvery bitter metallic taste

I once again slept and soon found

I was washed up on a soft sand mound

My crew stood to either side

As my family had in that other life

Everyone rejoiced to find me well

And I did not have the heart to tell

That asthma is a cruel beast indeed

One moment tame and the next one freed

While I have weathered this storm alright

It will find me again tomorrow night


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