The nations filter:

Saturation, warmth, crop, sharpen.

Silence, stare, sit down, be quiet.

The girl beneath it all...She's something.

She's kind, and intellegant, passionate and worthy.

She may look less fair, but speaks for a world of peace.


Behind the filter, her double chin may be exposed.

Behind the angles, she may add a few extra pounds.

Behind the contrast, she may have less color.

Behind the exposure, she may look less bright.


But behind those filters, I have a heart doubled with diamonds,

Behind those angles, I know I am blessed to have enough food to eat on my table.

Behind the contrast, I have a mind full of color.

Behind the exposure, I have a shining personality that could blind.


The girl who is threatened to be expelled or grounded,

She has so much on her mind she cannot say out loud.

Cannot? No. Shall not, because she is not allowed to say it.

If it is a topic of politics, she is seen as too young.

If it is a topic of race, she is lied to, told the wolrd sees us all as one.

A matter of gender is simply taboo,

Say anything against the bill of “rights”, and you are frowned upon.

What about behind those filters?

When will I be able to speak my mind without being censored?


Addressing real issues makes me look “naive”.

Addressing race makes me “cute."

Fighting for gender equality is just seen as another “dream.”

Saying guns should be “gone”, rises action for deportation.

In a country run by surpemes, a simple teenage brown girl as me has no voice,

Instead we're seen as a threat, inferior to the higher minority class.


I refused to stand down and wait,

I refused to not raise my voice when it could make a difference.

I have been told to stay silent, “it's not your place to say.” because I'm too young?

And they wonder why this generation is uneducated.

If they won't raise awareness, how could they possibly raise children?

A mixing pot, I chuckle, we live but not as one.

Equality, justice and freedom, all is put down with guns.


But if I said any of that to the general public, I would receive threats.

Because this land of freedom is not following the trend of no filter,

Instead we're filled with censorships and covers.


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