Every minute I fade.

I feel so weak,

Why am I so naive?

I don't realize the world around me

When he's around.

No wonder. I mess up.

There are things, I regret

There are things that I know of

I always knew from right&wrong

But never differed from the subject in life

Say that I'm desperate

I'm not.

Sorry to break a insubordinate lie.

I'll bend to any exceptions.

But I'm fighting to the death.

I know I probably be like this forever.

Probably not,

I could be the one feeling rejected in the first place

Oh lookie here, now you're running this way for me.. years later, perhaps.

Make your decisions.

I'll have my own.

Experience from my point of view.

And regret the rejecting because my life is great on the other hand.


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