Myself vs. My alter Ego


Someone is yelling in my dreams as I rest.
Someone I don't like: with feelings I've surpressed.
They tell my I'm strong on the surface,
But as for my soul, It has no purpose.
Someone who gets me in trouble,
Someone who's gone far beyond the limits of my personal bubble.
Someone who kicks me down,
Making me get back up on my own; only to push me again, and make me stumble.
Always trying to push me back to the ground.
Someone who's forcing hatred on me.
Making it so I can't get free; not even with the most degrading plea.
This person, is another me.
My alter ego;My ultimate foe.
Something that's only discribable,
In a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
She's always trying to get through.
But there's nothing she can do.
With Myself vs. My Alter Ego,
I will always win.
No matter how low
I must go..


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