To my yet to be lover

Fri, 01/05/2024 - 05:12 -- Eyez

Tomorrow is a new life, another day to face the world without your voice, sense and presence because sometimes I feel wasted without your touch. I crave for your gaze on me till I dream about it although it rips me immediately I wake, the chills from your touch now comes from inside out till company with myself becomes toxic and that's probably why love lives here no more.
Whenever you stare back at me, everyone becomes non living as I forget who's watching until you stop touching because I know I'm far from a perfect gentleman yet in my heart I had promised to love and respect you with all that I've got.
You're my heart, my Queen and teacher of love so hold me close when I'm toxic and pray for me even when I'm not sick because in you I find myself seeing that in myself I find love knowing that God is love, I love you.

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