My Way Out


Growing up in DC aint so sweet as can be.

As a child I was exposed to so much in that so called "hood"

Momma always tried to tell me the stuff I saw was no good. 

The heights, thats where i'm from, Ain't how it use to be

Nah, seeing with my own eyes, bodies, babies they all would flee

kids mothers and fathers all strung out, 

some kids only wishing they could just leave

leave that life, and get the hell out.

I always was in school 

Never really had a choice.

I was only praying for better days

but god didnt really give me that choice. 

My mom would always struggle

so we really didnt have much.

but I didnt give her a fuss because all she had was us.

seems like everything was looking up

Until that man with the red car decided to hit my sister

right outside my apartment building 

Thats when I wanted to give up on life

You know its funny because 

death is a cold winter when you cant get outside of your house,

your trapped

you cant leave, 

and eventually you give up on the snow subsiding and you sleep.

As I grew older everything was like a blur

I even stop going to school.

Until one day I saw a picture

of my baby sister on that school trip with me 

we were smiling

her smile is what keeps me going

to make my mom proud

to get her out that "hood"

so she can see her oldest child

say "I made it" and College was my way out. 




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