My Virginity


You took it

Didn't even have to ask

No persuasion was necessary

All I had to hear

Were those three words.


Desperate to believe

I listened and gave in

To an unasked proposition

Gave you everything

Would have given you more

Would have kept giving

Hoping for something in return

Hoping for those three words

To be true.


But they weren't. 

You took my innocence 

Then left me.

No thank yous

No smiles

Not even a hello.


You just left me.


Do you even like me?

Did you like me before?

Did I do something wrong

Other than give myself to you?

Or was that all you wanted?

Well, you got it.

My innocence

My virginity

My pride

My heart.

All yours.


And all you had to do

Was say you loved me.


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