My View of Things


No, i'm not lonely.

There's too many things around

for me to sit long enough

to feel the emptiness

of walking

to class in the morning

or at meal time

with friends that smile



No, i'm not depressed.

i'm too busy

and stressed out

to get caught up

in my thoughts

that can spin out of control

or to lie in bed all day

ignoring the world



No, i'm not self-depreciating.

i just am being

honest, realistic

i don't have much

to offer a boyfriend

or to offer a friend

because i am not more interesting

than the next person


But then again

i could be wrong about everything

that i just mentioned

i have a screwed perspective

since i can only

view things from

my own perspective

so take what you want

from this

This poem is about: 
Our world


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