My Soul

Sat, 11/03/2012 - 08:25 -- maki


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Soul that cannot be reinforced
Reinforced by person you are loving and sharing
Sharing that will give you happy ends
Ends of to taking or giving life
Giving all my soul
Soul that I gave and can’t get it back
Soul that I gave it without any regret at all
Soul I gave with whole heart
Soul that is continuous in my whole life
Life without it for me is pointless
Pointless enough that does not give me joy
Joy of happy life
Instead of happiness what I got from it is sadness
But my soul is a lover
Since it loves you it will never hate you
Because you are my soul
My soul will never hate you at all
It will love you for all
For all whom you are !

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I start writing from true feeling of emotions and set of time

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