My Play Of Life



And it’s all, just an act...

An act, I’ve learned to play quite well.. 

Though still I miss some lines.. 

An act I’ve learned to live by... 

With in just the nick of time.. 


An act I’ve learned to become..

Not knowing what it would bring..

An act which I’m controlled by..

A scene without conscious mind..


An act I know so well..

Practice is the key..

Because deep in my heart..

I’ll always know the part..


And in the shadows of my soul..

I see myself so clear..

I know who I am..

And this is me..

The truest parts.. 

Are shown right here..


Follow me.. 

To the back of my mind..

To the back of my stage..

And I’ll show you the characters..

That make up me..


I’ll teach you the aspects of the show..

How to create one of your own..

I’ll create the scene right there for you..

Explain every detail too..


Though some may disagree..

And others misunderstand..

It’s only because they don’t know..

The play was written for me..

Not for them..


It’s only seen by some..

And understood by even less..


So sit back..

Enjoy the show..

Find yourself in side my world..


Take notes my friend..

You’d be amazed..

How quickly time flies by..

Because this is a one time showing..

Of an act long prepared and un-wind..

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