My name is Jazz.


You probably get many submittions with pity.

From people that aren't even determined. Grades are all she has.

But whereas me, I'm determined and my name is Jazz.


GPA isnt the best, but I'm self motivated.

Taught myself everything because my surroundings never cooperated.

Bank account is empty and parents never negotiated.

Financially college was never calculated.

I feel isolated, devastated. Trying to stay away from being intoxicated.


Forcing myself to be better than what was expected of me.

I grew up in a house where money was never a guarantee.

Deciding what was a "want" and what was a necessity.

I strive so hard to someday get that degree.

Its difficult when you're your own employee.


Work doesn't come easy especially when you're only seventeen.

I don't even have enough money to pay for my own gasoline.

But I have to bounce back up like I'm on a trampoline.


My motto has always been "I refuse to sink."

My effort and hard work makes it so that my eyes don't even get to blink.

My ambitions and goals are so set that I can't think.


I react.

Coming up with ideas for a counterattack.

But how can I if I am still recovering from the impact?

I AM going to reach my goals and that is that, just a fact.


I will destroy every obstacle in my way.

I don't have any time to play.

I won't put my dreams on delay.

Even if I never get a break and I work all day.


I'm just a girl who has dreams and self motivation is all she has.

thank you for your consideration, once again my name is Jazz.












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