My Mind


My mind is my gift

I use it everyday 

From making good decisions 

To deciding what videogame to play 


Though being on Honor Roll 

and seeing the world in a diffrent way 

Doesn't stop me from finding Judgement 

In the eyes of act as extras in my play


I can't stop thinking who is looking and laughing 

Everything I do is being judged by those around


Sit up straight my mind tells me

Be quiet just blend in 

Nobody will respect the person you really have within


But I know my mind is wrong 

No once cares what they see

People just want to interact with you and with me


My mind is a definence it tells me to stop 

But if I could change my mind 

I would without second thought


I still want to be smart and funny too 

Just need it to shut up 

So that i can be myself around you

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