My Mentor: An Unconventional Teacher

To most people,

a mentor, is a person

Mother, father, brother, sister

family or friend


are they anything else

My mentor neither lives nor breathes;

She does not speak or sigh,

she is silent and beautiful and awe-inspiring

Who is she? You ask

My mentor is the universe

Full of stars, planets, comets, and meteors

She encompasses everything we know of our world

Though she does not say a word,

I still follow her instructions with care

"Learn, my student"

"Learn about distant galaxies, exploding stars,

and far-off habitable planets"

And so I go, planning to dedicate my life

to the wonders that is my mentor

Because my mentor calls me to her

with her shining stars and irresistable gaze.

This poem is about: 
Our world
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