My life would be amazingIf

My life would be amazing

If only I could serve,

I'm so scared to fail, but I would have to be reserve.

I'd really love to travel, 

and fight for my country.

but I cant be selfish and only think about me.

My family seems supportive,

well at least most of them do.

The rest tell me college,

so now I'm really trying to.

I'm taking baby steps on my way to success.

I want to go to college, and study Criminal Justice.

I hope to serve in the military, in the Air force branch,

but I feel it's impossible,

like if I don't stand a chance.

But it would mean the world to me,

if only it was as easy to do as to say,

I can only wish on a star,

and pray for that day. 

Justice is important,

and it needs to be served,

so many get away with crimes, or get punishments undeserved.

After the military, i want to be in SWAT,

I'd always try my best, and show what I got!

But I have to work my way up there,

can't just expect it handed to me.

I have to deserve it, and show all I can be.

My life's just getting started, I have a lot to go,

But trust me I'll get there, i just know!

Not only will make a difference to me,

but the people I defend, that deserve to be free.


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