My Life Isn't Some Fairytale

By: Tyree Jackson

You see, my life shouldn’t be treated as some
fairytale, because these glass slippers won’t fit your feet.

And my life shall not be narrated from ignorant mouths
or paraphrased by misinformed minds.

Because it is I who has to endure the hate crimes
and has to do the time behind the bars of this
closed cultural system.

You see, while I am not waiting for a kiss from a handsome
prince—I am waiting for society’s acceptance

and this is something that can’t be given by a
genie with three wishes
or from the help of seven little men.

You see, my life didn’t begin with the bullshit phrase
“Once upon a time.” because this life isn’t a story of fiction,
but a story of truth.

And let truth be told, that with every line I spit
and every story I tell, makes my voice worth listening to,
because my life isn’t some fairytale.

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Often when we are young, we do not separate fiction from reality, and we hope that someday our lives will turn out like those in fairy tales. As we get older, we realize the difference between fiction and reality, and we must live our lives to the greatest extent that we can, knowing this. Your poem speaks to exactly what this realization feels like.

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