My Least Favorite Class

                         I hate Spanish, I already am bilingual 

                         Don't know why I am taking this class

                        This woman always calls me out,and it gets me mad 

                       She can't teach to save a class 

                       I'm very surprised she made it this far


                      I work hard everyday 

                      Fly through a lesson each and everyday 

                     'test now,ok' something we hear everyday

                      I probably have learned more Spanish from Dora 


                    I study my butt off every night 

                    Only to get a 48 on that stupid quiz 

                   Don't know what Spanish means to me 

                   Only know I hate it 

                   Some people say hate is a strong word 

                   But they have never been in my period 3 Spanish class

                    so they can't tell me so


                   By the end of the quarter my grade will be a D

                     Now you see why it's Spanish I hate.










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