My Flow

Frustration coursing through my soul

Pain and guilt out of control

Nowhere to turn

Nowhere to go

No lesson learned, but scars to show.

No hugs, no love, no friends to show

No ‘I love you’s'

No ‘way to go’s'

I’ve learned a lot through all my years, but regret is all I really know.

No one to hear me when I call

Breaking to pieces as I fall

Screaming silently with rage

And no one really cares at all

Is this, what life is all about?!

I need to find a quick way out

For this pain is just too much to bear

No solace neither here or there.

I have frustration in my soul

Got pain and guilt out of control

And there’s nowhere left to turn or go

So I slice the hurt and let it flow.

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My favorite part of this poem is actually unwritten. Its the part when I was writing it and getting my true, uncensored feeling out. Its also the part where I am able to look back on this poem and think, 'wow, that was me'. Poetry helps guys. (:

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