For My Daughter Who Watches T.V. While I Write

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 13:48 -- jmcruz



Ali, I don’t spend much time with you

and I don’t cuddle enough.

I do unendingly work.

And sit at my desk.

And maybe, once in a while

slide in for a kiss

when you nudge at my legs.

But you don’t understand,

the sacrifices     not for long,

mi niña.   I’m getting    close.


I’ve learned a couple things

to be patient

as the pace of nature.

And that sacrifices do not always seem kind

These    are my coping skills.


I want to say no work today,

You pick what you want to do.

Then drive off

without worrying about time.

without worrying about regret.

Though, right now, there are

really no options

for either one of us. 


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