My Consequence


“I lay in the tub with blades and blood;

 and there they found me”, he said.                            


This man, this man whom I have loved.

His pain.  It is now apart of my pain.


His glistening blue eyes stare back and I see understanding.

(Caught that glimpse of recognition, during the confession

 of my own dark sorrows.)


I know him well.

I feel his unbearable pain

everytime his reflective eyes look into mine.

(My previous retreat is his causal pain.)


I accept it as my own now.


Love that cushions, binds and bundles

is all he has ever offered.


Do I take it now? Is that my price to be paid?


He lays his head in my lap,

his brilliant pools of pure water looking inside me

and I sigh loudly, echoing his thoughts.


I know he waits for an answer.

Copyright 2014 T.L. Burton


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