My Blade

I`m distraught.

My life has left me.

I am wounded,

broken, beat, even tattered.

I don`t understand why you have such a strong hold on me.

Will you explain it to me?

I can`t get through one single day without even the slightest thought of you.

Please tell me why you are the only thing that can comfort me.

When I cry you are the only thing that can make the tears cease to arise.

When my thoughts are racing you are the only thing that can control them.

I depend on you to be able to continue this awful life.

You take away all of my pain.

You make everything better.

In a strange way i feel as though you are my only friend.

As my blade you promise to always cut me.

As my blade you take on the responsibility of taking away all my pain.

This is all so wrong I know it is.

But I can`t help it.

You've always been there through it all.

I could never leave you.

You are apart of my life.

They say that you are no good that I need to leave you.

But they don`t understand us.

I am just a lost soul looking for help.

You are just a comfort that takes care of me.

I go to sleep knowing you'll be there for me.

I wake up and your the only one left.

Thank you my precious little blade.

You mean the world to me.

I love you, my blade.

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