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Don't come near me.. please stop right there. I don't want your hands... Although I know I said stop, a million different times, your hands caress my tiny body. Groping and grabbing,
This shit don’t make no sense I never thought I’d feel like this You got me going around looking a mess Always caught up in my head Wondering if someone else is in your bed
I.....I....I'm so help.
In my dreams I lay awake  Trying to figure out how to escape But then comes the beating sound Of the people standing around   I can hear and I can feel But Im not sure if this is real.
A Light, Yet FarThrough dark and dreary roads, I traveled.Soon all light began to fade, and die.Losing all hope and will to live,Traveling through a far and distant land,
I`m distraught. My life has left me.
Each and every day of my life, I search
The heart beats to that of a mind In time I shall wait for you But that's of a different kind In which we'll finally live that of a life we were meant to Listlessly waiting for a love that was never mine
I remember the night i tried killing myself, maybe i did die for a minute Life, i didnt want anything to do with it, i was sick of it, i prayed for a better way, for a day i wouldnt feel any pain
Ive been MIA for days and when i came back i got knocked sideways i had to follow they're rules for days so i left and when i came back again everything was a haze so i got up took a left
There is a lion inside But I have stage fright. 
searchng for closure searching for a sign put wanted posters on billboards hoping it would catch someone's eye "watchya looking for, lady" someone replied yelling over my screams
I want to help you I know you are in mourning Your dad died too soon
In all my life I have always been the little sister The baby Not anymore Please stop saying that All I ever wanted was for someone to hear me I tell them I am no longer that girl
PTSD, bi polar, adhd, and borderline personality disorder they say. Born dependant on crack cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. Two weeks in the niccu, which I was lucky it was just two.
Cold, frim, lifeless, Laying on cold steel, Water trickles down the drain, Washing the dirty away.   Incisions are made, Inspection makes way, Hunting for the cause, Success.  
Don't tell me you're sorry If it takes my blood Dripping to the floor For you to notice   You're not truly sorry You're just desperate For a quick relief  
We might be friends and we might be foes
I am in so much physical pain My body is so weak Shuddering and shivering Make it go away I feel so miserable I think my head's gonna explode Lord, help me
  The social media has built up bullying   And the principals won’t do anything   They say “kids will be kids” or “we’ll figure something out”  
My head is down for a reason My computer screen is dark I don't know   Help me I can't comprehend this I don't know   You talk and you talk Do you ever notice my blank stares
I tried to make you smile . I tried to make you love me.  But instead you threw me  and then you broke me.  You didn't break me right away though. Instead it was piece
I raise my hand, you call on me.I ask a question, you answer me.I need help, you help me. We don't do our homework, you lecture us.We don't pay attention, you make us.We don't remember assignments, you remind us.
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