My best friend


The grass is green and the sky is blue

We are young, both me and you

We run for days in full delight 

How could we know your dreadful plight? 

But together forever 

Isnt that how it goes? 

We were so young, all highs, no lows

Until one day, I came outside

I couldnt see you, but why would you hide? 

As I waited for you, I began to pace

All I wanted to see was your childish face

But alas, we had grown, with no warning at all 

And time was ready to see you fall 

I came as soon as I could, to that dreadful place 

I thought I could save you, but that wasnt the case

The stench was repulsive, and made my head pound

But it was nothing compared to you cold in the ground 

I lowered my head, and prepared for the end 

Please, tell me cancer, why'd you take my best friend? 




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