My attempt to want

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United States
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This is my attempt for getting you naked.

Yea, the earlier me is being amended.

So please help me acomplish my new goal.

Take off the clothes that cover your soul.

Start with the layers that cover your fears, and end when I'm done wiping your tears.

I want to sleep with your dreams, and marry your goals, while working together and playing my role.

I want to push my hand up into your future, wait that's not right, into OUR future.

Your hopes are my hopes to hope that they happen because if you hurt, God knows what wil happen.

I want to sychronize your spirit into my spirit, it'll be so loud heaven will hear it.

This beats having sex under the cover because you have secrets I want to uncover.

Now for my attempt of caressing your body.

I want to slide my words into your ears, they'll sound so beautiful a melody appears.

Listen to my words as I am proving with actions, so you will know they are not just attractions.

I love everything that I know about you, and I just don't know what I'd do without you.

Love without you, is love that is not true because I am in heaven when I am with you.

By: LaRon Curtis


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