My Appendix Showed Me the Light


Senior year turned cold one day.

I fell on the ground and didn't have anything to say

I held on my stomach and cried a little or more than that

a nurse brought a wheelchair over on which i sat

i was taken to the hospital for ten hours and more

i waited and waited for an opened door

Doctor! Doctor what can this be? 

My apenddix? What? just let let me go free

I didn't want to go through surgery tonight

i had an exam the next day which i had to fight

Four hours, seven hours has gone by

My father said soon we'll go but that was a lie

After CT scans and ultra sounds, they finally knew what it was

The doctor asked if i ever knew that I had a cyst, i declined and she said this is the because

Throughout that time, i've been speaking to an OB/GYN

That was what i wanted to be from knowing right then

SHe worked with women about their parts

i knew that's where i wanted to be right from the start

Being a doctor was my all time dream

I know its tough, its harder than it seems. 

After spending so much time at this place

This was a dream i was going to chase.

From today it is my second year in college

i've gain hope and so much knowledge.

It will only take ten more years or so

but i know this is a dream that i will not let go

thank you for this rupture for opening my eyes

this is what i want, i finally realize.


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