I know times were hard but this came out of nowhere

When this occurred I was completely unaware


I know life got rough but I never thought it would come to this

Why was it me this person wanted to dismiss?

This person was so depressed from so much stress


This person had nonstop visions of slitting my wrist, cutting my throat, or shooting me in the head

This person really wanted me dead


What did I do? Why Is It me this person wanted to kill?

Why did harming me bring such a thrill?


He killed me and I don't exactly know why.


I needed answers. Who took my life? Who hung me out to die?


Why did this happen like this to me?  

I’m dead this can’t be.


When I looked into the eyes of this person I was in complete shock.

How could this person be the reason my life clocked stopped?


I always thought this was the person I showed the most love

But the entire time it was me this person wanted to get rid of


Maybe I didn't show this person love at all

Perhaps thats the real reason im hanging here like  a picture on the wall


I looked right into the eyes of my killer and still couldn't believe

But it was true, the person that killed Me was Me


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