Ms. Tin


staring at a crowd- a clique of friends

but, alas, I am not one of them

walking on the outskirts, outsider looking in

sitting in the back, needing some oil for my tin

congratulations I'm the first one

my voice creeks, my voice is quite


a neighbor asks me a question

what was that?

Oh, oh, yes. MacBeth's achilles tendon?


I ask me, my, oh Ms.Tin...

If only I had a heart, I could share with them

that is my fatal flaw

no star-crossed love, ambition, or misinformation

just that lack of a ticker

Oh, great wizard within...

could I please be gifted one?

Beep. Friendship.

Beep. Acceptance. 

Beep. Alliance.

What is this? 

This melodious beat, deep inside?

Its been there, just under surface

I'm pulling the curtain aside

What is this, I find

But Ms. Tin holding a vibrant, beating drum

As she plays out this wondrous beat

Realization hits me like a fleet

The ticker was there, just so

this whole time, beating slow

gaining rhythm with morale

with Ms. Tin, me, my, myself- holding the drumsticks.




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