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when we first talked i thought all was well with the world, you were sweet and kind and going to be mine... But when we went on our first date something arose like a snake and struck me with its fangs as fast as light.
i wasn't expecting you to be so forceful with me, i didn't realize why you toke me to the way back just so you could try and get your way... why would you do that? i thought you loved me?
i try and ignore you but your hands claw at my clothes and skin like razor blades, i wish you would stop... but i don't make a sound, im afraid of what might happen if the people in front of us saw what you were doing...
you try and make me touch you but i manage to take my hand back, what happened to our first date being special? i never want to go on a date again
wait... what are you doing? ow! what was that for? trying to get to my private through my pants... why would you do that.?
oh.. you're sorry? okay, hold me please just watch the movie...
uh oh... wait what are you doing now? biting me? why won't you just stop.... why can't i just enjoy the movie?
oh thank god the movie is over now i can get home and forget; what was that? keep what just happened a secret...? yes sir...

at home i try and forget but i can't, i thought my first date was supposed to be good and romantic.. not... like this... i feel so betrayed and broken... he is a monster... but im so afraid and alone....
what happens now? do i live a happy life or not... i don't know, all i do know is is that im not the first and most likely wont be the last... the monster always slithers away for his next kill.. i wish i learnt that before the movie

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