motherless child


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a child reaching out for love to have it slap away
a child crying for help to be choke gasping for air
a child being ridicule for a medical condition in which he/she have no hair
a child wanting to lose weight to only be ostracize for being fat
a child reacts in an exasperated way that rages worse than an angry cat
where is the love mothers need to provide for her child
no wonder she complains that her child is acting wild
where does a child look for attention
in the wrong places that leads to a juvenile detention
where is that girl that needs her mom's advice about relationships
a mother's absence leads to the girl's sexual encounters with guys with no companionships
mothers are one of the most important individuals in a child's life
you not being there will lead to multiple stab wounds that was found on a child's chest feeling worthless with a knife

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The presence of parents is extremely important for young children, and you use this poem as a way to describe how without that attention, children go out and seek it in the wrong places, which is something many more people should be made aware of.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its very powerful
every child needs a parent to guide them through all
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