Our monsters used to live under the bed,

sparkly and purple

“they’re not real,” we said

Life was safe,

monsters were fantasy,

every one of them beaten by Mommy and Daddy


Then we got older and life was exciting

We knew there were monsters but they were inviting

Life was a game

that we used to play

You and me laughing and running away,

feeling the rush, feeling the tears

Like a racecar ride, adrenaline sponsored by fear


But now we’re alone,

and a little bit older

Our lives just got a little bit colder

This morning you called me and said you surrendered

to a hospital bed where your mind could recover

I guess that I realized that life is so fragile

We build it up high like a solid stone castle

But none of us have a solid foundation

We’re all victims to monsters of our own creation


But no

No, not me

I will fight them all as they lust after me

All these monsters that know me so well,

won’t stand a chance against my better self

Can’t you see this is more than just being happy,

that in order to fight them you’ve gotta be scrappy

Throw away all your lessons on positive thinking

You try to fight that way you’ll just end up sinking


The real way to win?

Well, that I don’t know,

but I’m holding on here with a whole lot of hope

I know that I’ll beat them

And I just believe

that it’s only a matter of time till they leave

If you take nothing else from life just remember,

everything always gets better


This poem is about: 
Our world


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