Fri, 06/21/2013 - 14:28 -- Carina

Help me!
Help me!
Can't you hear my scream!?
The pounding of my heart -
the grinding of my teeth!?
Dear goodness,
somebody please!
My Anixiety it's eating me!
I can't stand straight as depression weighs me down,
and i can't help but be afraid of everything.
Can't you understand what this is like!?
I found myself the past two days,
collapsed on the ground sobbing.
Why, why am I so afraid,
I try to ask,
but I cannot respond,
Because anxiety is in control,
Depression second in command,
they rule hand in hand.
And I look around,
for someone like me,
but feel so alone,
enclosed in my room.
The voices taunting,
that i'll never be good enough - skinny enough - pretty enough.
But Damn!
I have to take a stand!
And so do you -
so please take my hand!
I don't have to be alone!
I know there are others out there like me,
who need help,
who aspire to  be happy!
And I have to lift up my head, and straighten my back -
and scream at my monsters
to let me back up!
And I will strive to help those like me -
So remember you're not alone,
even when the monsters tell you that you are.
Fight back,
even when you are too weak to stand!
Fight back,
and walk away with me hand in hand.


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