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when i was little you did your best 2 shelter me
it was a blessing & a curse
later on the real world had to street better me
you were always there for me the times that i grew
but that alone can't cancel out everything else you put me through
we disagree on a lot & i wish you could see things from my point of view
when it comes to our family , you need to get a fuckin clue
at times i can't stand you but at the end of the day i love you
you always wanted to handle me but never seemed to focus on your other child
& that makes me wonder if we'll ever reconcile
don't know what i would do if you were 2 leave though
you are a part of me & this i hope you know
you never abandoned me but is that supposed to make you a great mom
i pray to god that side of you doesn't come out of me when i have my own later on
you know that smoking is bad 4 your health
that's why i took your pack in the 7th grade from the bottom shelf
you've made me consider offing myself
but i'm in a better place now
those days are long gone
i just had to put my pushed back thoughts into this song
i want you 2 know that unlike you , i can forgive
i wish God would grant you that gift
later on , you'll say i exaggerated these statements
it's not just me that you made me feel like they were a mental patient
you'll deny shit til ya blue in the face
& won't own up 2 shit when it's the factual case
you like 2 twist words & fuck up mentalities
break people down to the core & don't even notice that the way you like to handle things is a complete tradegy
you treat grandma like the garbage on the street
& you expect me to respect you
i hope remember know history repeat
you're fucking crazy on the other hand
you're yelling could silence a heavy metal band
when family comes around you like to get real bold
you go from zero to 60 in a second , & that shit gets old
my dad left us years ago , you need to get over it
cause you stay bitter as fuck & it's making your life shit
these words are harsh but i don't regret saying them
you didn't wanna listen when i try to tell you in conversation
nothing seems to get through to you
i've written you plenty of letters
so hopefully you hear this song & change for the better


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