A Moment of Reflection


A structure alone

Of jointed bones

With a thin layer

Of mortal beauty

Fair skin and dark eyes

Fair heart and dark mind

Oh I pray that this

Is all there's to me

Here, a mirror stands

In front of me and 

I see all of her

Every memory

She has ever had

All good and all bad

Of herself eyeing

Every curve and piece

I have watched her life

and rewatched the strife

hoping for answers

I could never find

Instead, these questions

For to answers, I'm blind

Inquiries began

As whispers, harmless

Amplifying into shouts and screams

Leaving you trembling, regardless

Of every comfort you've felt

Of every friend that claims to love you

Dreams and passions and joys

Have abandoned you too

They're gone

They've won


This I will recall

In slumber, I fall

Right alongside this,

My insanity

It is nothing more

Than the ceaseless score

Of pure harmonies

From my vanity

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