Modern Mulan.

I feel like Mulan set in Modern time 

no longer a cross-dressing warrior for you to fetishize 

I'm real, my hair cut short and two useless boobs I have to bind.

My identity?  How nice, you'll call it mine? 

Yet give me dirty looks while I'm checking my phone in the bathroom line.

The only war I have to fight is within.

plus political oppression,

plus therapy sessions,

plus a man painted in orange disrespecting my transition.

Mulan knew what they were talking about when they wanted to look how they felt inside

I'm a warrior and I'll never stop fighting for rights 

I fight so you can have the right to say you hate me 

I fight so I see you vote against the happiness in my life

But nevertheless, I fight.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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