Modern Day Past

I don’t want to do life today

So I think I’ll just lie here

I’ll be a Neo-Nietzsche

Since life won’t do me either


What good is a body

That only sees despair

It’s not white or phallic

We’re not allowed to have hair


I’d rather be in the forest

Hermits have the life

I’ll be a Neo-Thoreau

Since no one will find me there


I don’t understand today

Life goes too fast

So I wonder about the wild

And I figure evolution did right


I’m not afraid to die

The fascination of decay

I’ll be a Neo-Dickinson

Since I’d otherwise go insane


I wonder why it’s strange for me

To stay locked in my room

An introvert’s perspective

Can be twice the worth to boot


What can I do to combat

An unjust way of living

To recede inside clustered words

That can form an ultimate meaning


So I think I’ll just be alone

To stew in my own toils

Since I cannot relate to today

I’ll relate to my former spoils


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