Would it be beautiful,

the vibrations on my skin?

Without my face, my lips, my colored eyes,

or soft-hearted vulnerability?

I've crossed you off my list,

and I've sang your face away,

but without the might to feel my youth

and be carelessly crazy,

I fall down today!

and face my vanity

without the rambunctious bursts of energy

that I can not create just for pity

and as for sanity -

my heart does the dancing for me when I just can't seem to 


and a bass-like sound that isn't low enough

pulses in my brain when I've barely woken up

I don't have the time or motivation to write it down

and it only matters to me in the moment.

Just for a moment -

I could calm my roar

and idolize more than my hair

and the way that we were

but I can't even begin to - I can't - no!


Lighten my tone and unjumble my word choice

I can't use my voice - I barely have one!

and neither do you, if you're honest with me,

step back, before I breathe.

singing, and me.

Who am I to say goodbye?

Well, who are you to tell me not to?


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