Mirrored Depression

Darkened corners, shadow games,shaking, rocking, trembling, shivering,curled into the corner, broken, desolate,claw marks up and down its arm, deep rivers of blood, nails caked in dried black-red blood, rocking, rocking, creature of tangled smokey black-grey hair, whimpering, whispering, "I'm worth nothing", clawing again, seething in pain and agony, shaking head, curls hand into fist, nails digging into hands, rivers of black-red blood, rocking, whispering, "darkness...surrounding darkness..,"moving, inching closer, fingers touch shoulder. Creature spins, turns face and head,eyes dead, black, empty and lifeless, nothingness, rocking back and forth,tears of blood snaking down cheek,eyes close, darkness surrounds,eyes open, you're facing a mirror.


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