Mirror Mirror on the Wall


My hollow soul is protected by a steel rib cage
The same ribcage that protected
that small beating pandoras box of flesh and tissue

Society is a symphony composed of the beautiful
in this society, I was played into believing
that I needed to wear makeup to catch his eye
that if I didn't have the designer jeans
then I needed to be 4 sizes smaller

I hated clothes shopping, 
for every three pairs of pants I tried,
only one would fit
And... maybe I was trying too hard to fit in 

But they use the same statistics to compare us,
then they remind me that I should not
base my self worth only on what 
you think of me and how beautiful she is

Maybe the portion of love and hate
that I had for myself was out of control
My heart strings were out of tune for this melody,

Maybe love sickness has no cure, 
and maybe you'll never look my way
But I see the way you look at her, 

All of the words you say to her 
echo through my head
as I wonder why
I wasn't enough for you,

And I finally learned 
why they named storms 
after people, 

So forgive me if I stare a little too long,
Wondering how her hair falls perfectly
And how even when she's not smiling,
there is still light at the end of your tunnel

Forgive me if I start to take notes
on how to be beautiful, 
Because the tips in COSMO
aren't working and The American Eagle pants
are out of my budget

See, I'm trying to figure out 
how to find my 'love at first sight'
Because when I look at the mirror, 
I see that my cheeks are worthy of pinching,
that my eyes aren't the right shade of beautiful, 
and that my body is a landscape of rolling hills
And there seems to be a war in these hills, 
love versus hate;
hate seems to be winning
Because I've been searching 
for the love potion, and the cure for my insecurities
because in grade 10 
I learned that it “WASN’T” okay for me to love myself
unless my name was Victoria
and I had a secret

And society makes it okay 
for me to look at you 
and not feel beautiful, 
But maybe what I didn't need 
was to fit in, 
what I needed 
was to find a place 
where my heart strings wouldn't bleed 
the blues from the constant comparisons, 
A place where my out of tune melody,
would go perfectly 
with their broken harmony

So forgive me 
if I never even glance,
because today is my day 
to feel beautiful

And I do


MVP-Most Valuable Poet



Thank you so much!


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