Mirror, Mirror


United States
33° 39' 48.5136" N, 117° 15' 42.2388" W

From across the room I see you staring,
Disappointed and disgusted with me,
The staring turns into hateful glaring,
Because I am not so ordinary.
I look at you and go look who’s talking,
I see you with your gigantic glasses –
You say I’m weird? You clothes have caused gawking!
You’re just a nerd taking AP classes,
You are a socially awkward buffoon,
But I would not change a thing because you’re,
Fascinated by a plastic gold spoon,
Amazed by all mythological lore.
You should never change, because you are me
And the Mirror says you’re my cup of tea!



I rarely say this, but I believe I am feeling somewhat envious of your writing ability.

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