In the Mirror

2016 sucked.

It started bad, got worse, and ended on an all time low.

Not for sympathy or epathy but just so you know,

not only has my mental health declined

but my motivation has flatlined.

I need money for things I hate,

God forbid I  wake up late

for the class I don't want to go to

but I know I have to push through.

This year has changed my family,

now they're oh so proud of me

but I'm sitting here in my room

surrounded by my own doom

writing a poem for money

thinking of a rhyme for "money"

so that my parents wont have to struggle

with the daughter they used to cuddle.

College is what's changed us.

Now all we do is fuss

over how we'll pay for my education

instead of my medication

because my mental health isn't right

but that doesn't matter when you work at night

to help pay off the degree

employers will never see

because when you major in Fine Arts

you have to have stone hearts.

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