The Ministry



Ministry shouldn’t be seen

as a job 

or even a routine.


It should be seen

as an act of kindness

to those who are unclean.


Ministry should be done

while thinking of 

His resurrecting Son.


He’s taken us from places

that were so horrible 

and filled with messes.


So why don’t we unite?

Why dont we help those

who still don’t have it right?


We should give 

without waiting for anything in return;

be patient to reveice.


Be humble;

God will reward

all those who made the Devil stumble.


Ministry should be done

with Passion and faith.

You can even have fun.

It doesn’t matter what they saith.



I love this!!!!!! Coming from a girl who wants to be a youth pastor!


(: I want to be a missionary. Thank you. All for God's glory.


so passion and amazing 

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