Mind Games

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 18:35 -- Naya9d6

She doesn't discriminate against age, sex, or

race , 4 million in her evil clutches, she and

her minions are taking over our children's minds

leaving trails of broken down bodies, 


Bipolar is reeking havoc, on the kids at the

playground. Little Becky leaves the slide to find

that playground swings have been replaced with

mood swings where the highs take you to the

sky and lows leave her in the dirt like a roller

coaster going up but running out of tracks she

crashes but keeps coming back


Sarah's  bile comes up forcefully in to the porcelain

throne tonight's dinner will be her sacrifice to

the evil scoundrel and Bulimia or Mia for short. She is

the reason for the scars on her knuckles from

moments trying to reach inside her stomach to

pull back up the food


Anorexia is back at its antics blinding brittle bodied

boys and girls from their beauty, playing tricks in the

mirror to change the mind making bones show and

kids afraid to grow or know the number on the scale

making dinner time a living hell  


Steven has fallen down the rabbit hole losing touch

with reality, amber alerts sounding, his mind has gone

missing last seen with schizophrenia. Headed toward

a wonderland where shapes have sounds and colors have

taste: a scary mind-altering state


Depression pulls them down and leaves them six

feet under, kids like Adam buried alive with slit wrist

and a stomach full of pills but still feeling empty on the

inside,  trapped in the darkness sentenced to sit in

sadness or pace streets like the walking dead   


He’s hyper, ventilating, sweating and shaking

Uncontrollably, anxiety has Blake by the throat. He's

unable to breath or speak, stomach turning Blake's

yearning to be in the back of the room where he'll get

lost in the shadows until he disappears completely


Who will save the children, our children the faces of

our future will it be Batman with his brains or

Superman with his strength. How about you or me the

ones with the power educate, show empathy, and

speak out the greatest powers of all


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