A Midnight's Memory

Vodka I know you drank blankets the room

A washer so rusted the orange seeps through these weary cracks of cement floors

Smile covered face where I peppered you with kisses you can't feel

Drop to your knees feel the spots of sunken floor for you to weep in once more

Weary heart blowing the flickering candle out leaving traces of wisps lingering in these worn cells of the body

Hushed breath your chest rises slowly as I know you are anxious

Nightmares are coming as they do so much crawling within freckled skin

Shivers to the cold breeze drifting through the window shattered by a kid’s fun

Wrap the cotton blanket stamped with the scent of my dad's hard work

Reaching for you that familiar scent flashes through the mind

Backing away to gaze up where the moon dips to touch the little city

A smile at the crevice of your face can be seen as dawn collides with night

Where you and I will be known


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