A Midnight Dream in Summer

I once met this girl.
We laughed.
We talked.
We sang.
We danced.
Our every motion and emotion were perfectly in sync.
We fought.
We cried.
We made up.
We smiled.
We fell in love with each other countless times.
There was no one else around, There wasn't a care in the world.
We had a home.
We shared a bed.
We kept each other close.
We kissed.
For the first time I wasn't scared...because it was exactly what I wanted.
We just lost our minds.
We lost our thoughts.
We lost our hearts.
They weren't far though
They were all in one another.
We walked around for a while, hand in hand.
Then we stopped.
We stared into each other's eyes.
We both knew.
We nodded and smiled.
Our lips moved in a synchronized motion as the words escaped them.
"I love...."
And then I woke up.
Almost in tears I got up.
I went for a walk to try to get my mind off of it.
I left my heart in that dream, the heart that I had given to her.
I continued on with my life.
I kept it all to myself, it never left my memory.
I dreamed again and again to try to relive those moments.
They were gone, forever.
It hurt, and I was confused as to why it hurt so much.
I knew it wasn't real, but it made me feel.. safe.
That's all I needed, someone to make me feel safe.
I kept walking and walking until the road seemed endless and I was ready to give up.
I fell to the floor.
Fists clenched against the ground.
I was scared again.
Scared that I wouldn't ever feel safe.
Then I saw a shadow hovering right above me.
But there was a sense of light around it.
I looked up to see a girl.
I couldn't move.
She reached down for me to grab her hand.
I smiled
and at that moment all I heard from the two of us was...


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