Merry Christmas

I’m not really over what happened,

No. I’m moreso, well,

How do I put it? 


From, not just the fighting;

It’s much more than that. 

Yes, I think— now really—I think

It’s the fundamental, to the core 

Conflict in the world today. 

Yes, conflict; between 

He, She, They, Them, Those, and—and

Everyone in between.


I feel that sometimes the battle

Isn’t worth fighting; 

That maybe, perhaps just maybe

We could save our ammunition. 

The hatred, the utter hatred is 

Really, I confess, what I can't STAND.

Because, look, see, when we 

Put each other on trial 

For opinions and differences in thoughts

We fight the wrong battles, listen!

We can not continue

Bashing each other, no listen! 

See, no, but you aren’t listening!


I don’t really care

Where you came from, and, 

You know, all that.

I just care… about… 

How should I say?

What you do now, here.

With the time and the energy

That you have today, 

What do you do; what do you say?

To someone you love? 

To someone you hate? 


Anyways, just

Think about it, will you?

Consider what you do,

Because there’s no longer an excuse. 

Be kind and mindful.

Merry Christmas. 

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