Mentor Is for Me

Trauma trapping, tripping

Over the roots that I have grown

In the back of my mind

To conduct oneself like so

To those that fail to grow

Their individualistic gardens

That rots with the water of others

For it was not meant for one's own self

But for the roots that I have grown

Why is it me

That struggles to see the truth

In their individualistic roots

And stretch across the concrete

Pass the breaking point

Up to the skys

For they were created by oneself for oneself

To leave behind the water of others

That was innocently misguided

That was for you not me

I am for me

Take the hand in hand

Wipe away the soil

New trauma to be trapped

To those that fail to grow

Conclude to drink from the water

Of the struggling truth

For now I see where my roots lie

Up to the skys

That was only for me to see

For me to be the only that can conclude

The tragedy

That's not my garden

Torn by the sheep

That herd the herd

Sip from the water

The water is mine

Wash away the trauma

That cuffed the struggle

For I have freed myself from

The tragedy I leave behind

But they will herd the herd

To right or wrong is not for me

To conclude but my own

That that trampled garden now blooms

It is a single sunflower

Let me pluck it

For it is me,

Grown by me

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